Perspectives: Are You Out In Your Business?

Get featured in an upcoming issue of Lespreneur.  Simply answer the following question: Are you out in your business? Why or why not?  Is it important for lespreneurs to be out? How much does it matter?  Simply reply to this post and you we will randomly select 2-3 responses for the next issue.  Be sure to leave your contact information!


3 Responses

  1. It’s funny. I’m not out at “work” but, I’d say that I am when it comes to freelancing. My website doesn’t say I’m a lesbian but, it does say that I’m passionate about LGBT issues. It says the same on my resume as well. I’ll be honest at first I wasn’t sure about putting on my resume that I’m passionate about writing about LGBT issues but, I couldn’t not. I’m a very honest person. I was worried that I might be discriminated against because of it but, I don’t want to get work or do business with anyone who is discriminatory against a community that I’m a part of or anyone period anyway. I feel like you can either take or leave it. If you’re not judging me based on my experience and work then I don’t work from you anyway.My website also has a link to my blog where you can clearly see that I’m gay. So it’s not like I have anything to hide. I’d also much rather people know who and what they’re dealing with upfront.

    As far as us being out I always say being “out” is a personal choice and journey. So I can’t really say if it’s important or not. I think that’s a personal choice. If it’s important to you then yea.

  2. I am. and it works just fine for me. why? and why not? it realy helps to talk to people that otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to be open about it. it is important to do what you feel like doing, that’s all.

  3. It’s so refreshing to see your blog, thank you. And, yes, I am OUT in my business. My business was created as an OUT and proud lesbian business serving lesbians! Wouldn’t have it any other way!

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