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In a few words, lespreneur is all about providing a forum to showcase lespreneurs and creating an avenue to share information to help each other be successful.  We are an online magazine, going to press 8 times a year!


Welcome to Lespreneur!  The only magazine catered to the lesbian entrepreneur.  Showcasing women all around the world who are undertaking great entrepreneurial endeavors.

Lespreneur is different from your typical business magazine.  While there are many great business magazines out there, none of them address the specific challenges and concerns lesbian entrepreneurs face.

Should we hide our orientation so not to alienate anyone?  How can we locate vendors, partners, customers and suppliers who are GLBT friendly?  What can we do when faced with discrimination because of our sexuality?  Lespreneur is here to answer these questions and more!  We will also showcase successful lesbian entrepreneurs as well as offer tips and advice from women who know their stuff!  The latest and greatest information to help you grow a successful business will be included in each and every issue.

So, the best thing to do is to subscribe. But you’re a smart entrepreneur so I pretty sure you have come to this conclusion already!  Support us as we support you!  For information on becoming a charter subscriber to Lespreneur visit the “get it” page.

Wishing You Our Very Best,

The Lespreneur Team
passion. focus. pride
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