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We all need a web presence, I mean how else can potential customers and clients learn all about what you having going on any time of the day or night? Now, there are a lot of great companies out there offering to get your online. Some tout that they are cheap others tout that they are the best. Now, depending on your business and your budget determines the route you go. Sometimes you get what you pay for, sometimes you don’t! It’s all about service, price and delivery. You may find that when cost is an issue you may sacrifice the service component. You may have to pay premium to have some one at your beck and call 24-7.

Now, I am not writing this to confuse you. Just to make a few issues plain. For the remainder of the month I will be focusing on web solutions, the cheap, the not so cheap, and those that cost your next of kin (just kidding…sort of).

Good N Plenty!
Here is a great solution if you are the do-it-yourself type looking for a good deal. With lots of templates to choose from (I’m talking several thousand here) and a user-friendly interface (for the non-technical among us, like me) click here to try

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